Rules and notes

Only one entry per person will be permitted in each monthly drawing.

Winning name will be drawn within the first week of each month from the list of winning names for the previous month.

Real Name and email are required for the gift card. We have to know where to send it.

Winning gets better on The Howl.

Snip-its returns with your chance to win a $25.00 Gift Card redeemable at Amazon. Tune in to The Howl and listen for the Snip-its. Be the first to submit the correct answers below and you will be entered into the monthly prize drawing.

I've taken 3 quick clips from 3 different songs on the Wolf Howls Jukebox and spliced 'em together. Be the first to identify all 3 songs; by title and artist, in the order they played; and you qualify for our monthly drawing! Tune in often, Snip-its will air in the bottom half of every hour on The Howl. Scroll down for complete rules and information.

Gimme Some Money


Tune in and request music anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.

The Howl

Tune in to Win!

Tune in anytime Weeblewolf is SLive for your chance to win some instant Linden$.

Catch Weeblewolf playing "Gimme Some Money" By Spinal Tap. Be the third person to IM him the word "money" in world and win 100L$! CaChing!

Drop a nickel in the jukebox.

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